The Mass is the most important sacrament and the principal act of every Christian life. The Mass is priceless. But from the very beginnings of the Church, the faithful have wanted to participate in the Eucharist by making offerings in kind or in cash, to cover the costs of worship and the priests’ sustenance. The Church allows the faithful to associate themselves more closely with this Sacrifice offered to God through a particular intention entrusted to the celebrant. Offering a Mass for a particular intention is both a work of temporal charity that ensures the sustenance of priests, and a work of spiritual charity that gives the effective graces of the Mass to those for whom it is celebrated.

You can request the celebration of a Mass, for example:

- For your deceased: asking God to welcome them into His light.

- For your loved ones or for yourself: asking God to help them through a difficult time: illness, failure, family difficulties...

- Simply in thanksgiving.

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Individual Mass(es)
18.00 €

(3 Masses in a row)
54.00 €

Six Holy Masses
(6 Masses in a row)
108.00 €

(9 Masses in a row)
180.00 €

Gregorian Series
(30 Masses in a row for a deceased person)
594.00 €

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